5 Steps to Creating a Social Media Branding Strategy from the Ground Up

These days, it’s common to see many brands getting a lot of customers without spending a ton of cash.  It all comes down to creating a strong branding strategy. You can leverage the power of social media to do this. So how can you create a strong branding strategy using social media? Here’s how:

  •    Determine who you’re and who your target customer is to create strong branding strategy

In the field of entrepreneurship, it’s commonplace to find business owners who can barely tell you what their businesses entail in less than a minute. The secret to social media branding strategy is to find a domain or niche that you’re great in. Let’s admit it; you cannot serve everyone. If you’re a writer for example, what kind of writing do you do? Is it copywriting, blog post writing or product review writing? Choose one niche that you know you can outperform anyone else. Then you should be able to define your target customers, including how they look like, where they live, their pain points, what they are out there searching on. Get in their minds and deliver what they need to cure their pain points.

  •    Determine what you’re going to offer your clients in relation to what channel you will go through during your strong branding strategy creation

When you’ve already determined what your clients want and what products and services you’re going to offer them. Provide content to showcase what products or services you’re going to offer them, for instance, videos, product descriptions, images and so on.

  •    Formulate hypnotizing marketing campaigns to supercharge your branding strategy

Formulating hypnotizing marketing campaigns in merchandising is all about attracting new customers. You need to determine how potential customers can connect with your business, how they can request additional information and get them to call you. You can alleviate the hassle of forcing yourself into the market by motivating customers to call you directly and in a cost-effective way.

  •    Develop relationships with your potential customers

The cost-effective way to develop strong relationships with your customers is to initiate dialogue with them. Talking to your customers will ensure they follow you, come back to your business again and again.

  •    Schedule out your branding strategy marketing campaigns

Chances are; you’ll be using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram) you’re your websites to do your marketing campaigns. You can’t do all this at once, which is why scheduling or making a calendar is helpful to realize your marketing goals effectively.


Statistically, 90% of businesses are more focused on getting new customers than retaining the existing customers. Always ensure to create balance when building business from the ground up. Work to get new customers in and establish measures to retain existing customers.

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