Does branding help make better sales for online businesses

One of the things that every new business strives to do from the get go is to make itself a recognizable brand. If the success enjoyed by brands is anything to go by, this phenomenon is understandable. No one will buy from a company that they do not know exists, preferring market leaders instead.

The role of branding in entrepreneurship

Branding can single handily play a significant role in the growth of a start up enterprise. Upcoming entrepreneurs can get overwhelmed by the finances, competition and customer service among other things needed for the success of their online business. Despite all these challenges, it is imperative to keep your brand unique from the rest, and this is where branding comes in.

  • It helps you attract the correct market segment
  • It allows you to plan the direction of your business strategically
  • It helps you to determine the partnerships to pursue
  • It helps you determine what products and services best showcase your brand in your online business

How can you elevate your brand to make it recognizable in the market place?

  • Be visible on social media platforms:

Social media has changed the landscape of branding for upcoming businesses. Having a presence that commands a sizeable following on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other such platforms usually guarantee that you are recognizable by a large part of the population.

  • Paid advertisements:

Place advertisements on already established sites that are directly related to your business venture. For example, pay for ad space on a kitchen appliances distributor’s site if you are opening an online store for kitchen appliances of the same caliber.

  • Email marketing:

You can begin with emails to communicate and share your opening dates, menu and even offers with your existing clients. Grow an email list but ensure that you do it the right way: By asking for them from clients you have met and that have entrusted you with their emails knowing you will use them for that purpose. This way you are leaning on the legal side of things even as you send the marketing emails.

  • Lead by ethics and integrity:

As the business owner, the buck stops with you. You must demonstrate integrity, ethics and safe business practices to be a reputable and respected player in the industry. For example, if your slogan promises excellent customer service then you should have a dedicated call center manned by professional, polite and well-informed staff who offer impeccable support to your clients at all times.

  • Content development:

Digital content geared towards marketing varies greatly from the regular advertising. Content development’s primary role is to give your brand an interesting, informative and authoritative voice in your industry while explaining to your target market why your product is relevant to their lives. Lack of an online presence translates to poor recognition of your brand which affects your bottom line. Ensure that your content is engaging, meets your customer’s needs and answers any of their questions and is original. Copied content casts doubt on your product and portrays you as a fraud.


Branding should be the mouthpiece of your business’s personality. If you have a happy and fun product like children’s toys or an ice cream parlor, use more informal language to attract a younger target market. For a handbag or makeup, store focus on fashion conscious language to appeal to that market segment.

Appropriate branding has been associated with increased sales. To maximize on your brand name, consider affiliating your brand with respected industry leaders, a good cause like conservation or even fun activities like a football game or a children’s local playground. After all, branding is all about visibility.

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