Emotional Branding: 5 Insights to Keep in Mind

Interested in finding more about emotional branding? You have come to the right place! Read this article and discover the 5 insights you need to keep in mind!

Successful and leading brands have studied and analyzed the minds of their target customers, using advances in psychology and science to get a competitive advantage and increase growth through powerful emotional connections.

For these businesses, no leadership “buy-in” is required. They are not interested in the “why” but they are interested in the “how”. All of this takes us to a few essential insights for emotional branding that will get you closer to the techniques, tools, and technologies that are transforming how consumers experience our businesses and how we see the customers.

  1. How Emotions Form Brand Perceptions While one brand may think it has a functionally or technically superior offer, the customer’s evaluation are usually emotionally based. You need to keep in mind that objectivity does not exist and that everything gets colored and filtered by emotional responses.
  2. Improving Brand Growth Through Emotional Connections The behavioral and psychological science clearly shows us that every human being is driven by different emotions. So, if these emotions are powerful enough, the rational brain can be outvoted. Just imagine the impact this has on the purchase decision, brand choice, and loyalty!
  3. How Brands Make Emotional Connections There are different ways to accomplish emotional connection. The emotional connection can take your consumers beyond brand loyalty to another level and that is brand advocacy.
  4. Brand Messaging for a Better Emotional Response The research in neuroscience shows that marketers trust their guts and they are usually right when they do that. However, sometimes they forget to prepare for their next big campaign launch. If you want to establish a better emotional response you need a specific brand message and you should always be prepared for your next ad campaign.
  5. Rethinking Emotions is Also Marketing The mind speaks what the heart thinks! All individuals who experience a certain emotion tend to start a communication to share this emotion with other people. The research found that only 10% of the emotional experiences and situations are kept secret and they are never shared with anyone.

Keep these 5 helpful insights in mind and remember emotions always drive effective advertising! The advertising should be emotionally absorbing, otherwise, it is ineffective and irrelevant!

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